Why Meditate


principles of meditation

  1. Breathe. Get grounded and experience your breath.
  2. Focus on something (a mantra, a word, your breath, your body, or even a grape).
  3. Let go of the focus and experience nothingness.
  4. Think. When a thought pops into your head, acknowledge it and let it go.  
  5. Repeat from Step 2.


  • Everyone needs to unplug to recharge.
  • Slowing down can happen quickly.
  • Working in is just as important as working out.
  • Over-meditating beats medicating.
  • Meditation is easy to learn - especially when it’s guided.
  • Once can change your day, and more can change your life.

strange and wonderful things that can happen

  • Little things may not bother you as much.
  • Wonderful coincidences pop up more often (or at least you start noticing them).
  • You need less of the material things you use to fulfill yourself, whatever those might be.
  • You are more aware of the present moment. That can mean that when you are with your kids or your mate, you are actually with them. When you eat, you stop shoveling and start experiencing.
  • You get more done.
  • You trust your gut more because you can actually hear it or feel it.
  • Your conversations, friendships and relationships go a little deeper. Even the people you don’t like start to seem a little more likeable.
  • You could tap into your life’s purpose.

Find out what meditation actually does to your brain from harvard neuroscientist Sara Lazar:



+ Can I bring my kids to class?

Yes but only if they are 16 and older. Otherwise, we have a wonderful Unplug Kids Program so please check our schedule! The Dalai Lama once said,
If every 8 year old in the world is taught meditation, we will eliminate violence from the world within one generation.
Unplug kids is a meditation program that is developmentally appropriate for your little ones.

+ Where should I park and enter the building?

unplug meditation in LA is located on the north side of Wilshire Blvd. We proudly offer our guests parking spaces directly behind the meditation studio (it is $3 with validation) in addition to the metered on-street parking on Wilshire and South Carmelina. Adjacent Centinela has free two hour parking.
(tip: check the signs for street cleaning days and parking bans.) You may enter the studio through the lobby via Wilshire Blvd or the rear parking lot.

+ What classes are good for beginners?

All of the classes are designed for new students, but can also work for the pro. The classes meet you wherever you are.

+ Why should I meditate?

If you want to be able to focus on demand, access calm, and control your monkey mind, you're going to want to meditate. The benefits of meditation are vast and scientifically proven. Click here to find out more about the benefits.

+ What if I can't sit still?

That's okay. We won't hit you with a stick (like they would at a zen monastery). Here, we just ask you to move mindfully to reposition.

+ What if I can't stop thinking?

Thinking is natural in meditation. In fact, the practice is noticing what you're thinking, being aware of what you're thinking, and then redirecting your focus to a single focal point that your teacher will guide you to. Think of it like jumping jacks for your brain. The more you do this the more you will actually strengthen and grow your brain.