Sep 30



Steve Ross, Paul Teodo & Leah Santa Cruz

We're bringing you the best of both worlds: modern meditation practices and a twist of traditional Balinese culture.

RETREAT INCLUDES: Daily Meditation & Yoga, Specialty Workshops, Excursions, e.g. temple tours and white water river rafting (optional), Spa Treatments, & more! 

We can't wait for you to experience the magic with us. Please note: Space is limited, so attendees will have plenty of time to connect deeply with each instructor.

Spots will fill up fast so book now!

If you have any questions, please email or call (310) 826-8899.

Conscious Communication
1:00 pm13:00

Conscious Communication

  • Unplug Meditation

Megan Monahan
If you are seeking more ease, connection, and fulfillment in your relationships, this is your workshop! Come learn a simple 4 step method that will enhance communication in all of your relationships, from co-workers, friends, partners and even children. Watch your emotional well-being flourish as you take these practices home and apply your new knowledge. 

SAT | May 13th | 1-2:30 pm | $35

8:00 pm20:00

Sound Healing Breathwork Experience

Guy Douglas

This is a therapeutic, meditative experience that Suze considers a MUST TRY. Vibrational frequencies of the gong and crystal bowls will drop you in, as worries and to-do's drift away. After breathwork, Guy will play Tibetan singing bowls directly on your body, so you'll walk out feeling as if you've just had a massage.

SAT | May 6th | 8-9:30 pm | $45

7:15 pm19:15

Shamanic Journey

Harry Paul, Shaman

The American Journal of Public Health found that Shamanic drumming can: accelerate recovery and physical healing, enhance theta-wave production and brain-wave synchronization, assist in releasing emotional trauma, alleviate self-centeredness + isolation, and create a sense of connectedness with self and others.

"Drumming provides a secular approach to accessing a higher power and applying spiritual perspectives." Michael Winkelman, PhD, MPH

Science aside, we'll let you be the judge. Come try it and let us know what you think!

"Harry the Healer" has been reenergizing and realigning celebs, writers, and producers for more than 26 years. If you've taken his breathwork class at Unplug, you've experienced just a taste of what he has in store! 

Included in Series & Memberships
FRI | May 5th | 7:15-8 pm

9:00 pm21:00

Astrological Meditation

Danielle Beinstein

Get inside the head of Unplug's go-to Astrologist, who will discuss "what's in the stars" and how cosmic events can effect our lives here on Earth. This class will satisfy your curiosities about Astrology and make you feel a whole new sense of connection to the Universe. 

Included in Series & Memberships  
THURS | May 4th | 9-9:45 pm

10:30 am10:30

Mallika Chopra


Mallika Chopra

Take charge and live the life you've always wanted in this popular pop-up class. Whether you want to re-commit to past intentions or begin a totally new trajectory—this is your time to design your destiny. 

Included in Series & Memberships
TUES | May 2nd | 10:30-11:15 am