30 to 45 Minute Classes. Just Bring Yourself.


Our classes are designed for results so that you can access calm, present moment awareness and increase focus, productivity, creativity, memory and sense of purpose and feeling of happiness. All classes are led by highly trained and passionate teachers whose voices make you relax and whose personalities make you want to hang out with them. It’s that easy. Our mission is to keep it simple and interesting enough that you will want to do it all the time. The more you practice the bigger the effects. It works for everyone from the skeptic to the soul seeker! 

  1. Pre-register on our app, online or just pop in. PLEASE note that we cannot let anyone into class once the doors have been closed. We start promptly on time. Always be early.
  2. Wear whatever you are wearing, just toss your shoes and cell phone in one of our cubbies. Cell phones will not be allowed inside the studio.
  3. Enter the studio and grab a seat.
  4. Listen to your guide, who will instruct you to close your eyes and lead you in a meditation.
  5. With your guide’s instruction, gently emerge from your meditation.
  6. Leave at your leisure.
  7. Your guide will be outside in the lobby to answer any questions.
  8. Come visit us again. (And bring your friends!)