studio etiquette




No cell phones or PDA’s inside the studio. There are no exceptions (we tried). Please turn off your ring/alert /vibration mode and leave it outside of the room. The front desk will hold if you are expecting an emergency or if you would like us to. One little beep can ruin a meditation.

Quiet Please.

Please refrain from speaking inside the room before or after the class. Our meditators like to quietly go in and out of meditation at their own pace.


Please check your shoes in the bench before entering.

Mindful Moving.

We want you to be comfortable so please move quietly when shifting positions and do not change chair positions mid class or rub jewelry or zippers on the ground.

Be Early.

Please arrive 10 minutes early for check in . We respect your time by starting on time. Late arrivals are disruptive and will no longer be admitted. Once the door is closed we will not reopen it. If the class is busy please only take one chair.

Wait To Enter.

Please wait until the doors are open before entering the room.